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Love taking photos? We've got some great freebies for you to take advantage of. We list places which offer you free prints! This allows you to print from your digital camers wihtout any mess or fuss - they send you the prints through the post!


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What about printing out some holiday photos? We don't tend to do this anymore but there' no reason not too when they're so reasonable priced
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There is actually a plug in for various programs called photo freebies - you can download and find out more here
It works on Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop Elements, PhotoPlus, Photo-Paint, IrfanView and PhotoImpact
Want to share photos online? Try Flickr. It's free and easy to use.

Photo Printing

Once upon a time photo printing was a slow and drawn out process done in a specialist lab, you would take your photos to the shop and wait a week for them to be printed – or pay a high premium and get them in a few days.

Those days are gone! With the development of online technologies a new industry has been born, digital photo printing. You can now upload the photos you wish to develop to a website, press order and wait for the prints to arrive in the post as quickly as the following day.

The benefits to this approach are endless;
No more can the lab loose your originals as you have them on your computer, you don’t need to make a special trip to a shop as the prints come to you, as there is no physical shop the whole printing process is cheaper meaning it costs you less for your photo prints.

Another great benefit to digital photo printing is free photo prints. As the market is so competitive with many different photo printing websites all fighting for your custom most sites now offer free photo prints to try there service. The upside of this is you get some of your photos printed for free and you can see exactly how good their service really is before paying anything, apart from the postage – normally 99p. After all you are getting the photos printed for free so paying postage is not a bad deal.

So what are you waiting for get your photos printed online today!

Where can you upload photos to so you can share them? We've just found this site which gives you 2Gb of photo and file storage so you can upload and share files

Why don't we take more photos?

Lots of people have digital cameras and don't use them as much as they could. If you get in the habit of taking your camera out with you then you'll start using it more. This means having a safe bag to carry your camera in and make sure your batterys are always ready (And that you have a spare set).
If you still use film then how old is the film in your camera? Is it a couple of years old, or only a couple of months?

Take photos of the people around you, and the people you care about. They're not always there so make sure you have something to remember them with.

It can be quite fun getting up at silly times at the weekend on frosty mornings to go out and take pictures of your local environment. Frost adds wonderful effects to things.

Light changes through out the day too. This means that pictures will look different. We're planning an experiment to show the effects of this - just waiting for some sunny weather.


High end Nikon D70s digital cameras in the UK, and that they are very hard to get hold of. Fortunately, we have lots of them here in Hong Kong waiting to be shipped to UK customers.

Price without lens: £567.89 –

Nikon D70S (Black) SLR (Body Only) Digital Camera 6.3 MP

and - Nikon D70S (Black) SLR Digital Camera 6.3 MP With 18-70 f3.5-4.5 G IF - ED Lens Camera Kit

- Full Nikon Range

World Gallery


Shopping site about photography...
Photography, Film & Video
Recording Media Camcorder
Slide Projection Digital Photography
Cameras Processing & Dark Room Supplies
Lenses Optical Devices

Interesting site - Satelite images of the world showing weather patterns - Our Planet From Space - FREE "Our Planet Earth From Space" screensavers & wallpapers
Phantastic screensavers and wallpapers which load every 20 minutes the latest pictures of Earth! These are really excellent images. If you look at the whole world image you can see where it is day and night, where dawn and dusk are and what weather is going on round the world. The maps also highlight serious weather conditions such as hurricanes and tornadoes as well as marking earthquakes too.

News - Dixons ends 35mm sales! The company has said it will not be stocking any more after the current stock of the film cameras runs out.
They say this is due to the popularity of digital camera. To get a voucher for use at dixons visit this page


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